Little Buddy

Your most asked questions of all were about LIttle Buddy, so…. People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend:

I first met Little Buddy 2 years ago, when he and I were both 11 months old.  Little Buddy had just entered the foster care system.  My human sister and her husband opened their hearts and their home to him, and became his foster parents.  From the moment we met, I knew Little Buddy and I had something special.  We bonded immediately and have been besties ever since.  

We get to see each other often because we live close, but we don’t see each other every day.  I go a little crazy whenever Little Buddy comes over, I just can’t help myself. He goes a little crazy too, so it’s all good.  Seeing the two of us together always makes Mom and Dad (Little Buddy’s foster grandparents) smile.  They adore that kid as much as I do.  

I can’t imagine life without Little Buddy.  But guess what… I don’t have to!! My sis and her hubs adopted him!!  My tail won’t stop wagging because I know that he will be in our family forever.  His adoption was finalized in December of 2017 -He was our BEST Christmas gift ever.

Camera &Photography

A lot of you asked for camera info, so today, I’ll focus on that. 😉📷

CAMERA: For most shots, especially indoors, I use my Canon 5D Mark 111. It’s a pro level camera, and probs overkill, but I LOVE how well it does in low light. I’m able to bump the ISO really high with little grain - so to me, it’s worth it JUST FOR THAT. I have all the lenses 😬 but my go-to lens is the Canon L Series, 24-70mm f2.8. It’s fast, small, and light, and the 2.8 makes for great bokeh (that gorgeous background blur). Back to the part about it being small and light - I should add that the size & weight are relative. It’s light compared to the giant lenses, but still feels like I’m hauling around a brick. 😜

When I’m on the go, or don’t have the big camera with me, I use my iPhone 7 Plus.📱 SO impressed with the camera on that baby! I do videos with it too. It’s a powerful little thing. Again, “little” is relative. It’s huge for a phone, but tiny compared to a ‘real’ camera.

EDITING: Yes, I edit my pics before posting. What?? Isn’t that cheating? Nope. Just like most humans get dressed, brush their hair, and some even apply makeup before going out in public, I do the same with my images. I shoot in RAW, so I manually adjust pics for lighting and such before I even download them. Then, if they still need a little attention, I further adjust them in Photoshop. I’ve done it before, but I rarely let my pics go out in public without getting dressed first.👔

PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS: I love taking photos and making images. Photography is my passion. It brings me joy. I’m basically a self-taught photographer. I’ve never considered myself a professional photographer, even tho I did have a little photography “business” taking portraits of friends and family. I’ve taken multiple on-line classes and attended seminars, both on photography, and editing techniques. I love the whole process. And I’m really happy that I get to share my pics with you. 😊


Many of you wanted to know about my breed, so today, I’ll give you an info sandwich (info on how I was bread). 🍞

Cousin Linc and I are both Australian Labradoodles. Our doggie mamas are sisters. We are from Pine Lodge Labradoodles. It was called Rivermist Labradoodles when I was born, but by the time Lincoln came along, they had merged with Pine Lodge, and are now called Pine Lodge at Rivermist Ranch. 

The A.L. breed was started in Australia by a man who was on the quest for a hypoallergenic service dog for his wife. I’ve got lab, poodle, and a few other breeds, including Cocker Spaniel, infused in my heritage.

I am my people’s first doodle. They adopted me at 8 weeks old. They chose to get an A.L. because they heard that we are extremely clever, sociable and joyful. We are easily trained, and quick to learn unusual or special tasks. We are active, and a little comical at times. We are friendly, though obviously loyal to our own family. We are non aggressive and highly intelligent, making us the ideal candidate for service or therapy dogs. While all that may be true, the real bottom line is that Dad wanted a playful pup and Mom wanted a calm companion, and I fit the bill for both.

I was supposed to be Linc’s size, but I got BIG. I’ve always been larger than life. 😊 I’m still smaller than a standard labradoodle, tho. I’m about 45 pounds of pure fluff. Practically perfect, wouldn’t you say?


Many of you were curious about my grooming, so today, we’ll brush up on that. I have a wavy fleece, non shedding coat. It’s thick and soft like a stuffed animal, and doesn’t easily tangle or mat…. as long as I get groomed often. I have a ‘spa day’ with my groomer, Erika, every 4 weeks. That way, I never have to get the dreaded shave. 

So how does Erika perfect the “Reagandoodle-do”? She uses clippers with a 1 inch attachment on my body and head, then scissor cuts my legs, which I like to keep extra fluffy. ✂️ I rarely need bathing in between, but when I do, I use a gentle oatmeal shampoo. 🛀 I need very few touch up brushings in between groomings. My favorite brush tools are a slicker brush, a wide toothed metal comb, and Little Buddy’s sculpting brush.

Well, that’s the long and short of it.  THANK YOU for listening!


If you’ve ever wondered about my clothes, then this post is taylor made for you. 👔

.Believe it or not, I like wearing clothes.  Dressing up means I’ll be getting lots of positive attention from my people, and let’s face it, I LOVE attention.  I even help them put on my shirt by lifting my paw up into the sleeve.  When I wear clothes or pajamas, it’s only for a few minutes.  Most of the time I run around naked. 🙈

.My favorite outfit is whatever matches Little Buddy. Twinning is our thang. 👕👕 Whenever I buy a new shirt, I buy 2:  One for me and one for him.  He wears a 4T, I wear a 7-8.  On the rare occasion I wear pants, I customize them (cut a slit) to accommodate my big fluffy tail.  

My favorite places to get clothes are Carters, Childrens Place, OldNavy, and Target.  Well, that about sizes it up.  

Baby Girl

Baby Girl has a lot of you wanting to know about her, so today, I'll fill you in on all that sugar and spice.👶🏻

She's been around for a year now, and Baby Girl has captured our hearts and made our lives a whole lot sweeter.🍬 Little Buddy's sister came to live with him when she was just 2 days old. My human sis (Little Buddy's foster Mama) got a phone call... "A baby was just born  and needs to go into care. Can you come pick her up?" And just like that, our world was changed. I had never seen such a new and tiny human. I was immediately smitten. 🐶💕

Baby Girl is thriving. She's growing like crazy and has all that adorable baby chub. She is cuter than cute and brings so much joy. And she fits right in - every time my mom brings out the camera, BabyGirl grins from ear to ear. 😊📷

For her protection, we don't show a clear view of her face. 🙈 You may have noticed that we're more relaxed about that with Little Buddy, as his adoption IS FINAL 👍🏼

Because not all foster children are automatically "up for adoption", we don't know how long BabyGirl will get to stay.(#hereshopingforforever) But we DO know that every day with her is a gift. 🎁​



Many of you were curious about my training, and how my people get me to do all those almost-human-like things. So today, I’ll tell you a bit about how *I* trained *them."

I first started training my people when I was very young. I quickly taught them that if they didn’t channel my abundance of energy and eagerness, I would rule the roost. Here’s a secret…I actually am top dog in our family, but I let them think they are in control. 😉

My people watched a lot of YouTube videos, including some from Cesar Milan. I am very active and dominant, so I gave my people a run for their money. I taught them to be consistent. When I was old enough, I took my people to puppy training classes. Then to big boy training classes - basic obedience, followed by intermediate, and more advanced classes. I’ve also done agility classes just for fun. Well, I thought it was just for fun, but turns out they also helped build confidence, increased bonding with my people, and tired me out. You know what they say.. A tired dog is a good dog. 🐶💤

I love the camera - can you tell? Well, let’s be real - I love treats. And photo sessions = treats, right? Right! 🐶+📷=🍪

My people keep the sessions short and sweet, so I’m always willing, and actually look forward to them. Sometimes, tho, I refuse to look directly at the camera, just to see Mom make a fool of herself trying to get my attention. 😜 That’s always fun. 🤣 On rare occasions, Mom takes photos of other things. But no photo should be taken that doesn't involve me, so when I see the camera come out, I run in front of it. Every now and then they give me a treat just for getting out of the way. 😊

River Liver Life

Many of you wondered about my floating home, so today, I’ll tell you what it’s like to be a river liver.

When I say that our house is on the river, I mean actually ON the river. You know that old movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”? Yeah, like that. Our floating home, or as we call it, ‘The Floater’ is on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. We usually live there just in the summer and occasionally on weekends, but this year, we stayed year round. We’ll go back to our land house, which is just 20 minutes away, in late fall. 🏡

I love it here. It’s less than 1/4 mile up to the parking area, where there’s a fenced field and grassy bank, and I can run around to my heart’s content. It’s especially fun when Ruby the Australian Shepherd is up there and I can chase her as she’s chasing sticks. My 1.2 mile daily dock walk gives me a chance to say hey to the neighbors and usually gets me a few treats. 🍪
The river fluctuates a LOT. It goes up and down with the tide, rainfall, mountain snowmelt, and when they release water from the dam. It was so low last summer that some houses actually touched bottom. It was so high this winter that the usually steep ramp to the parking lot was level. The Floater just floats on top, so we don’t feel the rise and fall of the river at all. We sure feel it rock, tho, when a boat goes by. 🛥🌊

I only go in the water if I can walk in, so my people don't have to worry about me jumping in. Once, when I was out on the deck, a big fish jumped and caused quite the splash. My people, thinking that splash was me, came rushing out with panic stricken faces. I just smirked as they breathed a huge sigh of relief. 🐬😳😏
From gorgeous sunrises to colorful sunsets, from the active hustle-bustle of summer activities to the quiet sereneness (alternated with wild & crazy weather) of the other seasons… river life is a slice of heaven on earth. 🌅🌏


Because, for me, the world revolves around treats (Mmm Mmm - I’d do just about anything for a Klondike Bar) I’ll start with my FAVORITE FOODS: 🍪🍕🥓🍔🌮 I am on a raw food diet.  It’s super good for me, helps keep my coat nice and shiny, and I LOVE the taste. Granted, I love the taste of almost everything, but still. I eat from a “Slow bowl” because I’m a gobbler and the bowl helps me to slow down and (sometimes) remember to chew before I swallow. 
My favorite human food is whatever Little Buddy is eating. Let’s be real, I love any and all treats. I especially love peanut butter. We get BP2 powdered peanut butter. It has 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter, has no added sugar, and tastes delicious. My people feel good about giving it to me, and they love it too. The other day I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies and they were scrumptious. 
Because the vet says I’m a little too “fluffy”, It’s a good thing I also love carrots. 😉🥕


Everything Else

Some of you asked about things that didn’t fit into a specific category, so now, I’ll answer those fun, random questions. Hang on, here we go… .

Q: Will you promise never to stop brightening our day with these cute pics?

A: You, my friends, are the ones that brighten MY day. 😘 I love seeing your 'likes' on social media and reading your sweet comments. My goal, when I first started my IG, was to post a pic every day for a year. I’m happy to say that I have posted every single day so far, and in August, it was 3 years! I don’t plan on stopping any time soon - I’m having way too much fun.
Q: How much time do you spend alone, or do you always have humans with you?

A: I am rarely alone. I let them go out without me sometimes, but not for long. When my humans go on vacation, I stay at a doggie Bed & Breakfast spa, (a family home on acreage) where I get to run and play with other dogs and get really really dirty. 👍🏼
Q: Do you have a daily schedule?

A: Eat, play, sleep, repeat. There’s usually a photo or two thrown in there, too.

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: I love to be chased. And I love to do tricks and follow commands, cuz… well…. treats.🍪
Q: Do you have a middle name?

A: I guess it would be Doodle.😊

Q: Do you, or have you been approached to do product placements?
A: Yep! I don’t do very many, but if I really like the product, I’m all in.

Q: Where do you sleep?

A: I sleep in my people’s room, either on a blanket or on my comfy chair. When Dad leaves for work in the morning, I take his place on the bed.😴

Q: Who’s a good boy?

A: I wish I knew! Mom is constantly asking me that one. 😂



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